gestionale per ottici


Program for Opticians : Below are the main features.

  • Personal Data , Customers, Suppliers, Ophthalmologists, Professionals, Optometry, Contactology, LAC Insurance, Work Envelopes, Sales.

  • Warehouses , Frames, Lenses Glasses, Contact Lenses and General Items

  • Direct loading and unloading of warehouses.

  • List of Frame Suppliers (99 Frame lists that we have always updated).

  • Speed frame price list , to carry out a search on all the price lists loaded by barcodes.

  • Reservations , being multi location it is possible to book a frame present in another of our offices.

  • Real-time inventory of the 4 warehouses.

  • Warehouse alignment , allows you to make adjustments on the quantities of items in the 4 warehouses.

  • Various sales prices , allows you to update the sales prices of the items in stock.

  • Slow loading grids , allows you to load slow warehouses through a grid for lenses in Stock.

  • Flows Stars , for the automated management of Luxottica S.p.a. frames

  • Document Management , Invoices, PA Invoicing, Credit Notes, Tax Receipts, Health Receipts, Estimates, Billing, Bills of Lading.

  • Payment schedule, In our opticians program it will be possible to easily manage the suppliers’ payment schedule.

  • Banca e Cassa, a simplified and simple management of bank and cash flows.

  • Invoices to the Accountant, creation and sending of tax documents by e-mail to the accountant.

  • Sales Statements .

  • Forms , creation of the Satisfaction Questionnaire and Complaint Reporting.

  • Agenda Appuntamenti, a valuable tool for managing appointments for both customers and suppliers, at the opening of the program the appointments of the day will be shown.

  • Services , management of VAT tables, shipments, payment methods, schedule reasons, etc.

  • Text editor , for creating advertising campaigns.

  • Statistics , advanced management of research and statistics on, Customers, Optometry, Contactology, Warehouses, Invoicing, Sales, sending targeted emails and SMS based on the results obtained.

  • Excel extractions, possibility to create personalized extractions of your data and possibly work them in Microsoft Excel.

  • Connection with cash registers: 3I,ASEM,AXON,BUFFETTI,CUSTOM,CITIZEN,CORIS,OLIVETTI,SAREMA,DITRON,RCH,EMOTIQ,EPSON,FASY,ELMAC,ITALIANA MACCHI,RICOH,MCT,MICRELEC, ETC. In this way the receipts are recorded in LogosEyeWeb and then sent AUTOMATICALLY to the TS System.

  • TS SYSTEM: Ready from December 2016, Unlike most software for OPTICIANS LogosEyeWeb stands out in that it was the first to send the data to the TS System in complete autonomy without any minimum effort on the part of the Optician and without the aid of third-party software, importing the data from the DGFE of the cash registers and then sent to the System. The flows are sent daily so as to avoid in case of ERRORS having to correct a large number of documents, the ALL ALWAYS AUTOMATICALLY !!!

  • Biometric signature : Wacom tablets sign privacy documents and certificates of conformity
  • Electronic invoicing: Active and Passive

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